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a girl with a tight body but a nasty face.
S:damn what a butherface!
T:What's a butherface?
S:everything about her's great butherface.
by Jason November 23, 2003
used to describe a situation or something that has happened that is completely wrong or fucked up.
When Jason used pumice soap to jack off, Jill walked in and exclaimed, "That's about as fucked up as a football bat you bad mamma jamma!"
by Jason March 10, 2005
The word used by me and the other Power Rangers to describe our new powers and Zords!
These new Thunderzords are morphenomenal!!!
by Jason March 12, 2004
a major chord contains the 1, 3rd, and 5th notes in the major scales. a power chord omits the 3rd, and inludes only the fifth. powerchords often include the 8th, which is really just the 1st, an octave higher.
G5 Powerchord


G5 with the octave

by jason August 04, 2004
(Kilo Rad) or (cool X 1000)

Derived from Kilo (1000) * rad (see radical - meaning cool or amazing)

In keeping with computer terminology, its use was popular on dialup bulletin board systems (BBSes) in the 80s and early 90s, frequented by first and second generation hackers and computer enthusiasts.
I found this krad demon-dialer on a l33t bbs.
by Jason January 26, 2004
A baton, often used by Police, that extends out when flicked.
"Fuck, that feds got a cosh, don't mess man."
by Jason May 23, 2003
"I am not a doctor" An online abbreviation, like IMHO or AFAIK. Compare ianal.
"ianad, but, you really should get that looked at."
by Jason February 24, 2005

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