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vb: to ejaculate copiously.
He flooded my throat with the contents of his aching balls.
by Jezebel April 18, 2005
The act of sending alot of text in a small time frame, whether accidentally or in the hope of annoying or lagging people.
Dude, stop flooding!
by The Mega-ZZTer November 01, 2003
pants that are unintentionally too shortin the hem. so named because you can walk in a flood with them and they won't get wet.

aka high waters.
i gained 10 pounds and my new pants turned into floods.
by vexo ergo sum June 06, 2003
In Halo 2, Flood are parasites that infect any living organism, taking over their motor functions. The Flood parasite uses the host to reproduce its spores. Since they do not discriminate between various speciaes, the Flood will fight both the humans and the Covenant.
The Flood are one of the most formidable enemies you'll encounter.
by Dan January 21, 2005

Background: Middle English, from Old English flOd; akin to Old High German fluot flood, Old English flOwan to flow

1 a : a rising and overflowing of a body of water especially onto normally dry land; also : a condition of overflowing <rivers in flood> b capitalized : a flood described in the Bible as covering the earth in the time of Noah

2 Children who have grown such that the trouser legs are not long enough are pejoratively said to be wearing "floods" (a reference to hiked pants to keep them dry in flood times). This is usually caused by a : suffering from extreme poverty; b : their parents looked down on them with contempt or aversion and therefore weren’t concerned enough to keep them in appropriately fitting clothes.

3 The act of sending numerous Instant Messages, Chat Invitations or Text Messages in a small time frame; whether accidentally or in the hopes of annoying people and crashing their IM program.
1. I woke up one morning and the bathroom was flooded with dirty brown water. Apparently Barith had taken a big deuce causing the toilet to rise and overflow onto the normally dry tile of the bathroom floor.

2. None.

3. My phone bill was over $200 last month because Washer Woman kept flooding my phone with trivial things about her mundane life.
by Jendo October 29, 2004
a large number of people jumping one is used in chi-town
yo son we flooded his ass after all that mouth he was popin
by miss shyster November 19, 2006
Usenet: A large number of posts uploaded about the same subject.
Hey did you see the flood of DragonForce MP3s on newsgroups the other day?
by Chris J Pisarczyk June 24, 2005
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