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From the american pie series, Steve Stifler, is the most brain dead, nerotic, kick ass! guy in the movie, does not take shit from anyone, yet believes everyone (including guys) wish to get some of his alter-ego, the stiffmeister.
"I am just happy we didnt invite stifler, i second that motion" - American Wedding (2003)
by Jason August 20, 2003
your best friend when your nose needs some lovin'.
"hello tissue. i'm sick. come here and give me some nose-lovin'."
by jason January 08, 2004
Originally an Aboriginal translation for 'vagina' the words meaning has evolved and can be used as social term to classify a good looking person.

Geographically localised to Northern Territory Australia
"Man!! Sheryl is a budju eh"

"that chick is one sik budju"


"i have an itchy budju"
by jason June 10, 2004
A horribly overrated, poorly located, atrociously designed school. It's only strength lies in it's engineering prowess, specifically the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Any student who attends this university for any reason other than engineering is blind to the fact that they are utterly wasting their time and money.

Waterloo kids constantly remind anyone who will listen that the school enjoys a healthy relationship with microsoft as a "secret recruiting ground" because that ancient fact is essentially it's only claim to fame.

Students of the school also enjoy making reference to a horribly overdrawn exaggeration in that the school is "The MIT of the North", possibly because they are really stupid enough to believe so, or because they have been shut off from the outside world because of the school's horrendously unfavourable location.

In reality, among Canadian universities, the school sits comfortably in the middle of the pack.
friend 1: So, I'm going to U of T next year. What about you?

friend 2: I was accepted at Waterloo for math, so I'm definitely going there. It's a Canadian Ivy!

friend 1: Sometimes I can't believe we're even friends.
by Jason January 01, 2005
Freddy Krueger was a terrible child murderer who, in his death became a horrible dream murderer, murdering people in their dreams, only to keep ressurecting himself, freddy krueger is an unstoppable force of evil.
"The cops knew something...i heard them mention a name...freddy...freddy krueger." - Freddy Vs Jason (2003)
by Jason August 20, 2003
someone who is so stupid, the only word close enough to their stupidity is "stupid fuck"
that pen is green not red, u stupid fuck
by jason April 12, 2004
Don't hurry, proceed at a comfortable pace, relax.
Take it easy, we don't have to be there until noon.
James decided to take it easy this weekend and put off working on the house.
by Jason June 15, 2006

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