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What stupid people say instead of exclude
"The real definition of disclude is 'to disclose, make known', I think you meant to say 'exclude.'"
by GrammarTeacher August 27, 2009
The act of exclusion. The opposite of include, but with intent. “Exclude” could be unintentional. “Disclude” never is.
We purposely discluded Tom from the meeting because he always manages to derail it.
by Arcturus909 June 12, 2009
to exclude or not to include; the logical opposite of include
Most people I know are cool, but this discludes you.
by Jason March 20, 2005
To leave something out of the given context, to not include.
Richard was discluded from the conversation because he was an imposter.
by andrea March 05, 2005
To not include.
I want to disclude you from my conversation.
by Elfman69 June 11, 2012
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