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an assistant to an executive.
get out of the dark ages theyre not called secretary anymore, theyre called ed 'assistants' now. and Lollypop or lollipop are the longest words you can type with your right hand. chew on that :)
by daywalkz23 November 19, 2008
A position filled by a female that has no other purpose except to perform specific duties for the boss or president of the company. ie: sucking, fucking, and bending over the table...
Boss: Sara, why don't you come into my office and file some papers for me.
Sara: Sure thing, I'll be right in...
by Renaissance Man June 11, 2005
secretary is not the longest word you can type with your left hand, stewardesses is. just wanted to let ya know
stewardesses = longer than secretary
by silkster October 16, 2005
Secretary, derived from the word "secret" meaning secret person, or in latent terms, "slave."
Do you have a secretary?
by Bob Loblaw12 February 02, 2010
one who works in an office/school who gets all the dirty work dumped on him/her. usually female, in 50s most boring , worst job complete opposite of anyone's real ambition probably worse than janitor cause you have to deal with snot nosed kids like the ones from my school
Student: Mr.Smith(teacher), somebody beat me up (tracks blood down hall)
Mr.Smith: Oh, go to Barbara (school secretary)
Barbara: go to your teacher
Student: But he told me to go to you!
by Mimono December 01, 2010
Secretary, also known as Secret-ary. A female employed to sharpen pencils but is not very good at keeping Secrets around the office.
Fat Sharon: Hey - I heard that you blew the boss at the christmas party... Is that true?

Secretary: Yeah I did!
by BeanwebOz July 10, 2008
That work position that bosses get sued for having sex with.
"What's that work position that bosses get sued for having sex with?"

"the secretary"
by grench victe May 10, 2012
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