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Bed. Where one might sleep.
I need to hit the scratcher cuz I'm knackered.
by jane April 06, 2005
Ooooh Hugoooo...
He's a walking orgasm... '
and he's a fab. actor!
that's rare these days...
"I was on top of Keanu Reeves, he was on his back and I was on my trunk, and I was breathing down his neck for hours and hours. It was... very erotic. ...Yes, there was lots of rain. Very wet" - Hugo
by Jane February 03, 2004
spoot comes from the great Angry Beavers...if you watch cartoons...the term comes out of my mouth instead of shit...
OH SPOOT KALES I JUST ABOUT HIT THAT OLD WOMAN! to bad i didnt that woulda been 30 points...
by jane June 02, 2004
a store where they sell clothing, shoes, makeup and acessories, often a very nice place to shop
I went to buy a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom's because tonight was the prom
by Jane January 01, 2004
1. A person who has sincerely immersed themselves in a stoic and depressingly good literature, is rather solemn and is gothic because of a state of mind not the clothes, black nails, or music.
2. Some jerkoff who wants to be definition number one but is just a retarded teenager confuzed by puberty and taking it out on the world, catagorizing themselves, and shopping at the all-mighty evil, Hot Topic... because they think its all about how they dress and what they listen to.
For definition 1-
The gothic culture was always been looked down upon due to a lack of social acceptance
For Definition 2-
"Dude. check out the new clothes and lipstick i got from hot topic. i am so gothic" <--should be shot.
by jane December 10, 2003
This a sexual act that occurs when a female regrets to inform her male partner is on her rag and lets him go down on her. He then is surprised with the v8 splash - otherwise known as the tomato salad.
yeah he killed her cause he didn't like that v8 splash she gave him.
by jane April 25, 2003
it's an emotion that has a power over you to make you desperately sad or overly happy... it will be how you want it to be
why dont you love me?

i think im in love with you...
by jane March 27, 2005

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