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1. in hindi(the national language of India) - means beauty
2. a hot girl
Check out that rupa.
by Jane November 27, 2003
A Rupa is slang term for a person who has an excuse for everything and generally won't leave the house in the evenings.
Person 1: Is jake coming tonight?
Person 2: No he says that his car's getting repaired
Person 1: Man that guy's such a Rupa
by boosh93 March 23, 2010
Hindi: n. One of Beauty
n. Currency of India
English: adj. Poopy;
n. One who makes false promises
Noun: Rupa can never be counted on.
Noun: She is such a Rupa.
Noun: She is so Rupee.
by Little India September 05, 2005
One who goes crazy from curry consumption.
Rupa, you're crazy from all the curry.
by Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo March 14, 2005
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