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Of or resembling the style of director Quentin Tarrentino
The film's Tarrentine changes of tempo and style were part of its cult appeal.
by Jane August 07, 2004
when someone or something is so hot u can't handle it and u orgasm
Taye Diggs made me orgasm on that show last night!
by jane February 24, 2005
a young eunoch (from the Irish)
If that Kevin carries on like that he will end up a wobin
by Jane October 08, 2003
synonymous with "coolest person in the world". The Janosaur never loses, especially to Zacharus who only things he is greater.
The Janosaur annhilated her many foes, especially the weakling zacharus, with only a slight regret since Zacharus had once made damn good spaghetti sauce.
by Jane December 06, 2004
a sexually dysfunctional male with a prediliction for hamsters - a genus of the phyllum "learning facilitator"
Patrick is an oram
by Jane March 11, 2004
a road once named hawks, now named cocks, or cox.
Sketch and danks often take to the hills. They especially like cox road.
by jane January 12, 2004
This a sexual act that a woman performs on a man. She gives him head while pushing his shit up with both her thumbs. Guys love it.
i don't know
by jane April 25, 2003

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