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someone who is really fucking gay .A guy that sleeps with other dudes
a gay person walking down the street with a tight shirt on you say hey queerasshomo
by jane March 24, 2005
A polite version of Cuntish.
Having an animal on a lead - Now that's TISH!

Going to a tea shop and ordering a cream horn - NOW THAT'S TISH!

by Jane March 02, 2005
Adam, generally
adams next birthday will make him a gadgey
by Jane December 03, 2003
a. Cult with the hottest girls ever
b. Cult with some hot guys as well
c. 98% of Utah
d. 98% Republicans
e. Mecca=BYU Utah
f. Accused of polygamy
g. A series of unbelieveable rules, restricting oneself from drinking, drugs, sex, interaction, dress, immodesty, laguage, and political belief, all to become a better person
Oh snap! Look at that stormin' mormon!
Modest is hottest!
by jane February 24, 2005
things that are out of order but in acultish kind of way. For example....
Jesus action figures... Now thats cuntish!!! Get it?

Also the moving fountain pictures that you get in indian restaurants !

People can be cuntish too... Danny La Rue !! Now thats cuntish!!!
by jane January 21, 2004
Jane`s word
I`m bored, JOO JOO.
by jane June 27, 2003

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