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48 definitions by Jane

A quiet but amazing sexy drug which makes one feel strong emotions that is only known to have made one addict. If apart from this drug, one may learn the meaning of love or feeling without thought.
I'm waiting for you Julius from Montclair Mall, come to Oregon soon. Say hi to Mark! Hi MarK!
by jane January 20, 2005
4 6
rusty lou.. country styles
if u mean looking after me chooks, milking me goats and rounding up me sheep.
by jane September 16, 2003
1 3
the most beautiful angel that needs to be set free
by jane June 12, 2003
5 7
Fatmonkey is a collective of full service digital media professionals dedicated to shining new light on and presenting a different perspective of streetcore talent.Fatmonkey is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and operates from Brooklyn, New York, and Tokyo, Japan.
Fatmonkey grew out of the ghetto bass absorbed streets of Miami, Florida as a few boys from the projects who liked skateboarding just as much as they liked basketball
by jane January 12, 2004
5 8
A wide-eyed ugly girl staring at you like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.
What's up, deerspotter?

by Jane October 08, 2003
3 7
Holmdel is a town in central New Jersey. It consists of 4 schools, Holmdel Park, your house, your neighbor's house, Temptations, and the Holmdel Commons.
Holmdel is a boring place to be.
by jane April 02, 2005
43 48
when you wank off against a tree.
Johnny twanked against that tree twenty times last week.
by Jane March 02, 2004
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