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word created by typing error.
1. A homosexual prostitute
2. (scot) A young female who consents to bum sex with boys wearing sports clothing and burberry. This usually takes place in deserted parking lots or behind cheap tacky chip shops while participants are under the influence of drugs and alcohol
That Steanna Rewart, she's an asshoe!
*name changed for the protection of not so innocent*
by JJL November 25, 2004
another typo word.

Homework which is gay (3.A generic insult. It can mean bad, stupid, whatever you want it to mean.) Basically all work that school gives you to do at home.
Man i have sooo much french homowork, my teacher is such an asshoe!
by JJL November 25, 2004
As in faux skate shoes. From the combination of debt and etnies. Usually warn by those living in council housing.
Ha ha did you see those debtnies he was wearing?
by JJL November 25, 2004
another typo word.

No longer is the term loser sexually indescriminate
She is such a losher
He is such a losehim
by JJL November 25, 2004
Bastard in typo language
i tried to type bastard but i am useless and so a new word was created
by JJL November 25, 2004
Sorry in typo language
I tried to type "sorry" but i hit the z's instead of the r's
by JJL November 25, 2004
Combination of Bebo and Geek Somebody who stays online all night browsing through Bebo instead of doing other more important things like sleeping. Most often between the ages of 14 and 24
Person 1: "You're a Myspace whore"
Person 2: "At least im not a Beek!"
by JJL August 23, 2006

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