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another typo word.

Homework which is gay (3.A generic insult. It can mean bad, stupid, whatever you want it to mean.) Basically all work that school gives you to do at home.
Man i have sooo much french homowork, my teacher is such an asshoe!
by JJL November 25, 2004
25 6
(n) school work that inspires a preference toward cocks in your butt
Well, I just finished my homowork. Time to sit back, watch the Steelers play, and read PlayGirl magazine.
by WhoDey1989 November 17, 2010
3 1
A synonym for homework. Homo-work is often even more homo when you have a lot of it. This type of homework requires extra time and effort which is time consuming and nobody wants to do it. Homo-work can also be used when you have a lot of homework but would rather do something else that is more fun. Homo-work requires you to do a lot of work.

Homo-work is really gay homework.
Friend: Hey dude, wanna chill today?

You: Aw man, I cant. I got a ton of Homo-work to do in math today.
by rastadudevibrations April 14, 2010
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