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A very strong, even cheap, character from several Street Fighter games and Capcom vs SNK2. Sagat's seriously high priority pokes and massive damage is balanced only by his massiveness (which only seems to really hurt him in SFA). Most Sagat players rely on cheap tactics, such as spamming his HP (even though Balrog's HP can beat it in CVS2) or his Tiger Shots. This doesn't become a problem with better players since any resonably good player can defeat a cheap player.
"Haha.. You picked Sagat.. He sucks.. His attacks always go over my head."
"First time playing CVS2?"
by Jimmy March 04, 2005
A character in Street Fighter 3. Yun practices a martial art which seems to be rooted in Kempo, but I'm not certain. He has a (twin?) brother names Yang. Originally Yang was simply an alternate costume for Yun, but they are now separate characters.

Yun is known for his relatively low defense and weak hits, which is balanced by his superb comboability. His most used super is his Genjin, which allows him to enter a Custom Combo mode, similar to that of A-groove in Capcom vs SNK 2. Using Yun requires you to be constantly on the offensive, while being very careful as to not be punished by you're opponents moves. He has no abusable pokes and his priority isn't anything to scream about. This makes him one of the more difficult characters to use. His only practical defensive move is his "Palm Strike". Yun's defensive tactics are pretty much "counter with Palm Strike" or "parry and counter". Yun is really only recommended for advanced players due to the fact that he's severely unbalanced. A good Yun player is usually hard to find (unless you live in a big arcade spot), but fighting one is usually pretty annoying.

NOTE: A watered-down version of Yun is also playable in Capcom vs SNK 2, but he isn't very popular in that game.
"Did you see that guy combo Yun's chain into that CC?"
"Yeah... It did less damage then if he were to just do the CC without comboing..."
by Jimmy March 04, 2005
Crazy white boy who makes the jamaicans laugh.
Look at that crazyfool, he so high he throwing chickenbones at the policeman!
by Jimmy February 24, 2005
Nickname for Vincent A Cianci Jr., former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island. Currently serving 6 years in club fed for racketeering, extortion, witness tampering, and all that fun stuff. Still very popular in Rhode Island and credited with revitalizing Providence's image and economy.
Man, I can't wait until buddy cianci gets out of jail.
by Jimmy October 15, 2004
adj. under the state of embarrassment; humiliated, abashed, owned.
The other day, I was walking around the mall, and this kid fell flat on his face down the stairs. Omg! RUTZED!
by Jimmy March 08, 2005
This is synonymous with "like white on rice" and "like flies on shit".
I'd be all over that like Keith on poon.
by Jimmy October 04, 2004
In female humans, the outer labia. See also: meat drape
I was gonna fuck Bobbi Sue, but after examining her roast beef curtain, I decided against it.
by Jimmy July 10, 2003
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