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sweaty man pig that happens to hit bass strings spontaneously
"lynz!" shouted steve
by jimmy March 25, 2003
BMW's rock, but still should buy benz
by Jimmy September 24, 2003
An item, event, or style that is very much enjoyable.
Call of Duty is the reefer madness!
by Jimmy December 22, 2003
Filthy pieces of moldy shit that make me sneeze
All books are just shit on a page that a guy shit out fifty years ago to make a living without getting a real job
by Jimmy November 14, 2004
A rare species of female which makes up less than .02% of the population. Under most circumstances an uggo or is really fat.

There is an even rarer subsect of girl gamer which is actually somewhat good looking to average (rating 6.0 and above). This group makes up less than 15% of the girl gamer population.

This is one predominant form of girl gamer in their society: the male gamer masquerading as a girl gamer. They make up over 33% of the population.

The girl gamer usually has an inferiority complex and will try like mad to kill you in her game of choice, but can't because of her inferior fingers. Confront with caution, as a girl gamer is able to let out a battlecry which will attract all the pitiful nerds to her position to attack you verbally.

Another note of caution is this: if you find a "girl gamer" who is willing to cyber with you, it is probably a man using a female alias in order to masturbate to your replies.
I was playing CS and there was this "girl gamer". I witnessed a rather amusing mating ritual in which 10 nerds surrounded her, protecting this "female" from opposing fire.
by Jimmy April 16, 2005

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