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Common code word used by many Chicago street gang thugs meaning "Fuck The Opps" or "Fuck the Oppositions". The code word is generally used and aimed at the Chicago Police Department. Many of Chicago's rappers such as Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, and King Louie use this abbreviation in their songs.
by chi-town bro August 06, 2012
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A front wheel drive coupe made by Mitsubishi solely for the Japanese market. FTO stands for "Fresh Touring Origination" It has excellent handling and cut-off rear end which gives it a unique look. The FTO has won numerous awards including Car Of The Year Japan in 1994. Overall a great tuner car and the V6 engine models sound amazing.
Woah that FTO totally smoked him!
by C45auto December 23, 2008
Referred to a comic strip created by Christopher Bowen and Jordan Gibbons of Canada. FTO stands for Fred Ted Overdrive. A comic about two main little characters that look mainly like slack jawed potatoes. These characters are named Fred and Ted, they meet several other slack jawed potatoes through out there adventures. All the characters names rhyme with each other. These characters also have bad smoking habits, constantly smoking bongs or cigars. FTO also stands for Frontier Oil Corporation. The Mitsubishi car company also has a car developed named FTO.
FTO = Fred Ted Overdrive
by Risown July 15, 2008
A short term for Fuck Them Over.
Did anyone read Mark's memo before the Facebook IPO? Guess not, because he basically said the IPO will FTO.
by ArturasR September 04, 2012
Flip Them Off
Often used in place of smh
These bitches be staring...fto
by ladybug143 April 29, 2011
short for "for the old", extention of the "FTW" and "FTL abbreviations.

Used on message boards and chat rooms when someone posts a remark/joke/link etc that has been substationally well known about among a specific community or the general internet community for quite some time.
user1: Hey man check out this vid on ebaumsworld. . .
user2: Yeah Goddess Bunny FTO.
by yab-ign October 30, 2005
"for the orgasm." like ftw (for the win), but even more hardcore.
Gerard Way is my boi, fto!
by Rawren March 03, 2008

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