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1. Dine
2. a Native American tribe located in the southwest of the Unites States, the biggest tribe in the US.
That girl is full-blooded Navajo.
by jo March 11, 2004
(Pronounced nava-ho) The word for that bitch that's always telling you how to get places on your GPS.
"-Shut up Navajo!" *roadrage*
#gps lady #rude directions #gps voice #navigation voice #navigation lady
by the edu-skaters December 17, 2010
The act of blocking left lane traffic by keeping the same speed as traffic in the slow lane.
This guy has his high beams on, let's Navajo this prick
#highway #transportation #cars #traffic #navaho
by Nava-ho December 21, 2009
Relating to someone who is not a dumb hoe or anything of the like.

Also used to refer to someone who you hate with a deep passion.
Oh, she's pregnant? She must not be a navajo.

Lesbotron is the complete opposite of a navajo.
#prude #old maid #fuddy-duddy #spinster #goody two-shoes
by poligeek1190 April 28, 2011
A Navy ho.
She is in the Navy and is a ho. Therefore she is a Navajo. Short for Navy whore.
#navy #navy ho #ho #slut #whore
by thatoneguy99 April 06, 2009
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