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173 definitions by JIMMY

1) Netspeak way of spelling "euphoria"
2) The 1337est tracker ever!
u4ia's l8est is teh r0xx0r!
by Jimmy October 04, 2003
Starcraft character (Zerg race), a large crab like creature that hides underground and attacks with spikes, otherwise know as a Mudspiker.
Fuck those Mudspikers just mudspiked my base.

Jesus fuck my mudspikers just got owned by Frogs (Zerglings).
by Jimmy July 30, 2003
pawel - a small ferret like animal, which feeds on interest and turns in into pure unbridled BOREDOM. never has anyone made people lose the will to live quicker than he.
jimmy - hey did you see that weird film last night?
steve - oh yeaaah, the one about that guy with the... HOLY SHIT HERE COMES PAWEL, RUUUUN!!!
by jimmy February 24, 2005
alot of people, especially on this site. someone who sees a situation from their own point of view and thinks they're right no matter what because they can't see it from any other angle.
That kid over there is a loser with no life and is a complete idiot caus hes smoking weed/drinking underage...

(the person saying that would be ignorant)
by jimmy January 22, 2005
Totally awesome dude who makes his home somewhere in the northeast.
That Bobak's such a cool guy!
by Jimmy April 12, 2005
A winder is a window.
Originating from the American South.

"Look out that there winder BillyJoe at that there UFO LOLZ!"
by Jimmy January 07, 2005
some who suck on dick alot
jenn is such a head monster.
by jimmy April 14, 2004