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To tell someones to 'fuck off' or 'go away' hence 'fuck away'. Used by a group of people consisting of James Gary and Timo which tend to make up stupid things like that a lot
Bob: can i have a bite of your apple pie
Jim: no, fuck away bob, you cannot have a bite of my apple pie
by Jimmy November 14, 2004
Myspace is a pathetic excuse for a hang out place. People go on, try to make as many "friends" as possible, and yeah, as said, ultimately tries to get as many as they can. 90% of the people they have listed they did not already know in real life, and they will end up meeting probably 1 or 2 of them.
Freak#1: "I have 789 friends on Myspace."
Freak#2: Have you met anyone of them?
Freak#1: Meet them? I never even talk to them.
by Jimmy March 03, 2005
In a fighting game, reprensents the strongest characters in the game. Top tiers are usually marked by higher priority moves, hard hitting attacks, strategy variety, speed, and (sometimes) ease. When a game first comes out, the top tiers are usually the easy-to-use cheap characters, and players tend to rely on cheap tactics such as "spamming" a high priority move. After some time, the game tactics begin to develop as people learn new strategies with other characters. Eventually the "cheap" top tiers are replaced, knocked down a level, or accompanied, by new characters. A good fighting game should be as tierless as possible, although this is hard to achieve.
Marvel VS Capcom 2 matches are dominated by top tiers due to the fact that they are so much better than the rest of the characters. In Capcom VS SNK 2, the top tiers aren't so much better than the lower tiers.
by Jimmy March 04, 2005
a describing word to say that somebody is extremely gangsta or that something is extremely dank.
man, that nigga is straight korte. he's got all the ladies.
by jimmy December 04, 2004
1) Netspeak way of spelling "euphoria"
2) The 1337est tracker ever!
u4ia's l8est is teh r0xx0r!
by Jimmy October 04, 2003
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