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173 definitions by JIMMY

Hindi for:
An elephants cock is in your ass.
Doctor: Sooo what seems to be the problem here? Lets have a look. Holy fook! Teri gaand mein haathi ka lund!

What the hell is that all ABOOT?
by Jimmy February 18, 2003
to be amazing
Did you see the way that guy did a backflip on his bike? that was so Björk!!
by Jimmy January 31, 2004
The state of being half of one race, and half of another.
"Look at the halfy, thats why sylvan is more popular than ever!"
by Jimmy April 05, 2004
1. Any elusive bird-like creature/spirit that terrorizes people, esp. at night.
2. A witch or "bruja" that has taken the form of such a creature.

A lechuza can appear at any time and any place, but these feathery spirits seem particularly prone to spread their wings and terrorize those who have consumed alcohol. Cars driving down lonely highways also seem a favorite target of lechuzas. Especially common in Mexico and the southwestern United States
!Ay Dios Mio, es una lechuza!
by Jimmy January 01, 2005
Fat fuck that trolls irc and drinks his own urine
by jimmy September 06, 2003
A small device for dispensing doses of cocaine or crank.
Yo man, lemme see that bumper, I need to get my ass lifted.
by jimmy April 30, 2003
To tell someones to 'fuck off' or 'go away' hence 'fuck away'. Used by a group of people consisting of James Gary and Timo which tend to make up stupid things like that a lot
Bob: can i have a bite of your apple pie
Jim: no, fuck away bob, you cannot have a bite of my apple pie
by Jimmy November 14, 2004