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A fucking retard
Shut the fudge up, you fucktard.
by I forget January 10, 2004
Music channel that is full of crappy music, and is full of MTV shows but with B.E.T. names.
Aye yo, Laquesha! Wers ma Remote?!? You knows I'z Gotz to watch ma B.E.T. You betta find it befo I bust you upside yo head.
by I forget February 15, 2005
A store and online store preps, dweebs, dorks, and wannabe asswipes go to when they want to look cool.

There are still a few actual cool people that go to Hot Topic, though.
Hey, look at me, I bought these big ass pants and huge ass "Make Me Taller" boots, I must be cool now!

by I forget January 10, 2004
Crappy R&B singer with a crappy face. Used to be in a crappy group called bqk, B4L, B2Z, or some shit like that.
Damz, Omarion! When yo azz wuz bone it looks like instead of da DR smacking yo azz, it looks like he beat yoo in yo face wit a brick.
by I forget May 09, 2005
A channel that used to play old people music.

Just like MTV (All talk and hardly any music).
I guess all the old people finally killed over...thats why they've changed formats and went all "hip" gearing towards younger people.
by I forget January 09, 2004
Knock Star Enterprises
Look it up in google
by I forget February 01, 2004
crap, shit. To give birth to a brown baby.
Hey check out Shakaquila's baby. Yeah.... It looks just like my doodoo.
by I forget September 14, 2007

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