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Pronounced “FOO-tah”

An acronym meaning "Fuck Him/Her Up The Ass" growing ever popular at Jesuit prep schools in the Phoenix downtown area. In addition to being a stand-in acronym for this vile phrase, it can also be used for interjection as a noun meaning “sex” and simultaneously a verb meaning “to have sex.” See also, FHUTA circle
“So, how should I break the ice?”

“Hey did you get some FHUTA last night?”
“No man, she dump-wn3d me last week, remember…”

“ I bet you and your lover are going to FHUTA after the show!”
“WTF, STFU!!111!!1”
by Wicket the Ewok! July 07, 2005
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Used in message boards. Means - Fuck Her Up The Ass
Dude, she is so hot I would totally FHUTA.
by I forget October 14, 2004
Interjection. Used when a hot female is present.
Rich: Dan's mom is such a MILF.
Mark: I'd hit it.
Joe: FHUTA!!!
by rebel February 20, 2005

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