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Music channel (also full of other crap) for Africans.
Wow Bet sure does have alot of crap that they've ripped off of MTV. Unoriginal bastards.
by I forget October 14, 2004
The successor to Microsoft's Xbox. Set to be released this November, will be the first next-gen console out on the market.

Also commonly known as Xbox 1.5
Microsoft seems to think that being the first console out will make them the winner in the next-gen console wars, but it takes more than just being the first out the door to be proclaimed the winner (just look at what happened to the Dreamcast).

Judging by what has been seen so far, many people have been left less than impressed. They're gonna learn the hard way what it means to be Sony's bitch. Sony will crush them like little punk ass roaches.
by I forget May 15, 2005
A hot disney chick who stars in the high musical movies. Most people would know her as the HS musical star that posed nude for her boyfriend.
Dude, I was on the 'net and I saw vanessa's hudgens! She is very fuckable. Zac is one lucky SOB. If Vanessa Hudgens was my girl, she would never make it to the set of the next HSM movie.
by I forget September 14, 2007
piece of shite place in brooklyn.
Full of idiots
Wannabe gangsters
White women rapers
I might live in this piece of shite place, but that doesn't mean I'm going to act like.
by I forget May 27, 2005
A place in NYC that is full of crackheads, drug dealers, idiots who can't read, wannabe gangsters, guys who like to rape white women, and all other kinds of losers that I might have forgotten.

Fuck Brooklyn and everyone in it
Brooklyn is a crappy piece of shit rat hole. I live here and fucking hate it to death. I would rather live anywhere than in this piece of shit place.

If you like Brooklyn and think it's so cool, you can fucking drop dead, bitch.
by I forget May 23, 2005
one of THE worst genres of music (besides R&B, jazz & country).

Hardly considers this be a form of singing. Just lots of talking and bad beats.
Yeah yeah, I said hiphop sucks. Big fucking deal.
by I forget May 15, 2005
The man who I think should win the "Douche-Bag of the Universe" award.

Crazy old Texan that studders when he can't answer a question.
Reporter: Mr. Bush, why are you and the FCC going after Howard Stern?

Bush: Ughh, buh, huh, I I I ughh.

Reporter: Tough question?

Reporter: Well, what did you have for dinner?

Bush (AKA Douche bag): Chicken and lots of mustard.

george bush is such a fucking bastard.
by I forget April 14, 2004

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