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50 definitions by I forget

something you say when someone does something nice for you
thank you mrs G for your support
by I forget January 07, 2005
( . ) ( . ) ( Y )
Tits & Ass
Damn, nigga! Dat fine ass bitch has got sum bangin' ass motha fuckin' ( . ) ( . ) ( Y )
by I forget March 02, 2005
To bitch and whine like a baby.
Damn, I was just kidding. You don't have to a Titty Attack.
by I forget January 10, 2004
A once good music channel before they started playing so much hiphop and not music related crap.
What the fuck happened to MTV2?!?
by I forget January 10, 2004
A female that looks good everywhere, but the face.
Guy 1 - Wow! she's totally smoking!
Guy 2 - Yeah, except in the face. Looks like she got whacked with a frying pan.
by I forget November 15, 2004
Howard fucking Stern
Howard Stern is the king of all media goddamnit.
by I forget February 15, 2005
Funny way some people say kid.
Dam Gurl. Yooza popin' them keeyuds out like it-za facktory.
by I forget January 08, 2004