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Japanese way of saying kiss. pronounced coo-chee~zoo-kay
Kuchizuke asa dachi baka inu kusu.
by I forget September 14, 2007
Japanese term for tomboy Pronounced oh-tame-bah
shinjimae baka otemba yaro
by I forget September 14, 2007
Two Gay men having anal sex.
Rick: Hey, James! Are you ready for some dooky love
James: You know it "Big Daddy".
by I forget December 08, 2004
1) The best damn music channel around.

2) What that sorry excuse of a music channel called MYV should have been.
With great shows like RockZilla, Uranium, and more, MTV isn't even good enough to hold Fuse's Jock (if Fuse was a person, that is).

I just hope it doesn't turn into the next MTV.

MTV2, is no better. Always playing all the crappy hiphop shit.
by I forget January 08, 2004
Good band, not the best, though.
I just hope Slipknot's next album is better than their last album (Iowa.
by I forget January 10, 2004
The recdneck way to say Alchohol.
Hey, betty Joe Bob Sue Mcgiggens, Whers me alkeehol?
by I forget January 11, 2004
The two annoying words that Paris and her shadow, Nicole made famous.
I swear, if I hear one more person say "thats hot" one more time, I will kill everyone I see.
by I forget July 08, 2004

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