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A short version of a school bus used to transport "special" students to their respective School/Workshop. Often used an an insult.
"What the hell kid, you just get off the short bus?"

"I don't want to sound like I just hopped off the short bus here.."
by Cody May 28, 2004
Another word for twenty.
Dont your bitchass owe me a twanky sack?
He came to the club rollin on twanky threes.
That will be twanky one dollars and 10 cents.
by Cody January 14, 2004
a vaginal expulsion of gas. usually caused during intercourse. most disturbing and extremely unattractive.
if a woman ever tried to quief on me while i was banging her, id be like "hey, you stop farting all over my penis, and make me a pie.
by cody May 21, 2004
Another term for a hyperlick. Often used on forums.
You wanted to see it so, clicky!
by cody March 07, 2004
Someone who wastes tremendous amounts of your time with no useful result.
1. After 2 years of dating, he didn't propose. She said "you are such a clocksucker!"

2. The salesman was very disappointed. After 3 hours of talking to the customer, the #$%^ing clocksucker didn't buy anything.
by Cody May 06, 2004
Having a distorted or altered state of consciousness as a result of drug use.

Occasionally it is spelled "Alter'd"
"Dude! *he-he* I am sooo000oooo0o fuggin' altered"
by Cody April 15, 2004
to date a girl thats much younger than you, or thats just plain young(say 14 or younger)
"Man, jimmy's girlfriend is 13, hes robbin' the cradle!"
by cody July 01, 2003

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