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Having a distorted or altered state of consciousness as a result of drug use.

Occasionally it is spelled "Alter'd"
"Dude! *he-he* I am sooo000oooo0o fuggin' altered"
by Cody April 15, 2004
1. A slang term for a fuck buddy!

2. If you are actually going out with the girl, then it just means that she's the girl that gives you what you want.

3. Something to call someone if they start irritating you. Or just a word to call someone because it's funny. nice to put half baked before it.
1. Yo zack, sheniqua is my cunt-muffin!

2. That Ethan kid over there is a half baked cunt-muffin!
by cody October 15, 2004
The greates fucking movie ive ever seen
"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
-Doc. Johnson
by Cody December 16, 2003
The event in which a person (usually male) exhibits orgasm like symptoms in the presence of a rare and/or exquisetly modified automobile.
"When Nate saw that Lambo sittin on 24 inch blades, he had a car-gasm."
by Cody October 28, 2003
The act in wich one pulls their boxers up tight around their hips exposing the glueteus maximus, as their boxers ride up their crack, yet still supporting their "moose knuckle".
Damn cody, your ass looks fine in that thoxer.
by Cody March 24, 2005
Currency or money; often cash.
Yo dawg I be needin' some crazy scrilla or I get kicked out of my pad.
by Cody February 09, 2004
Phrase used to describe a funky bassline with many notes in a song. a slang tribute to bootsy collins, bassist in the band parliment/funkadelic
" The new red hot chilli peppers song has some definate bootsy bass goin' on"
by cody July 01, 2003
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