84 definitions by Cody

an ironic invocation of the pirate spirit by rule-bound individuals frustrated by the setbacks of civilized life
yarg, my cable bill tripled in the last month
by cody February 12, 2004
to be extremley intoxicated on cocaine.
Damn. Those 10 lines got me really skeeted
by cody December 02, 2004
trademark of heavy metal bands of the 80's that is making a comeback. an acoustic rock song with heavy guitar.
" every rose has its thorn is a power ballad by poison, outside is one by staind"
by cody July 01, 2003
A question not intended to be answered.
Are you stupid?! Are you retarded?!
by Cody September 01, 2003
to be stoned and out of it
jon:dude u chiefed
tony:dude im chiefed ever day
by cody May 07, 2005
Ass, Tits, and Twat
Dude, she's got great AT&T.
by Cody December 13, 2003
The leftover particles of cocaine after you snort a line, that are rubbed on the gums.
Some powder just flew up my nose, where's my mother fuckin' numby dickwad?
by Cody March 20, 2005

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