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V. To hug and nuzzle
N. The act of simultaneously hugging and nuzzling someone.
John huzzled Becky when they were sitting on the couch together.
by FallenStarD January 21, 2008
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To nuzzle someone whilst giving them a huggle. Normally only given to close friends or lovers, although some people are known to do it constantly, to whoever they know.
She huzzled him flirtatiously
by MiaDarkDecider March 18, 2007
huzzle: to hump a man vigourously who has boobs and no hump a man that is a woman
Man:Yo! you huzzled my brother
Woman: Hell no! i wouldnt huzzle that
Man: You huzzled my brother!
Woman: I wouldnt huzzle cody!
Man: Fo shizzle my nizzle:
by Cody December 20, 2003

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