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The term "kraka" is often misunderstood. Some people refer to it when speaking to a white person. The term "kraka" is used to its fullest extent when and only when its used against a person of any other color than white. The person being called the "kraka" must not enjoy being called the "kraka." To fully understand this, practice with it against people of non-white color.
Hey Juan, yoos a kraka.
Why you such a kraka Jaquees?
Ayy doo, di di dis foo Armante be a kraka.
by CTopher December 17, 2006
14 10

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When you kräks kraeks you develop something.
I kräktes kraektes up a piece of a sandbox this morning.
by obbe May 03, 2005
1 8
White person
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
8 16
A Kraka is a person that listens to anything but mainstream music today, has democratic political views, and enjoy nature. Very universal too.
Hey, look at those krakas.

Wheres the hole, i gotta krake.
by cody April 19, 2005
2 21