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any potential girl you want to get with or date
Kenny: Yo, I met this hot chick last night, I'm thinkin bout' makin her a prospect.

Matt: As long as she's chill bro.
by -0 January 02, 2010
A prospect is a gang member in training. A "prospective" gang member. Often young and therefore not subject to be tried as an adult the prospects are often used to steal goods (incl cars) and graffiti property.
I saw a couple of prospects in the market today.
by limpopo November 05, 2007
Any young girl that you think will be hot when she gets older. Not always meant in a child molester way. Unless you are Chester The Molester... Plural would be "prospects."
Ghetto: We saw this really fly ass 10 year old, you could tell she a prospect.
White Boy: We saw a really pretty little young girl, we labeled her a prospect.
by Gabe C. November 12, 2005
A avenue in Kansas City,Missouri in the hood filled with hustlers,pimps,prostitutes,crack heads,and Black owned businesses. People who frequently walk the street are commonly referred to as 'Suspect' on Prospect.
Yo dog you ain't prospect you suspect !
by Sly Rhine March 31, 2013
a suburb in Louisville, Kentucky filled with the whitest, richest, bitchiest people in the county. Also can be used as an adjective for douchebag.
Dude those guys pushed me out of line and hit me in the gut." "Dude they are so Prospect.
by tonycastillo95 December 12, 2010
also potential male prospects
so meg you have any prspects to take with you to the party or or you gonna scope the scene?
by C December 16, 2004
Someone who has not partaken in the art of oral sex, giving or recieving.
Aw man, Chavers is a prospect.
by scoverst June 18, 2013

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