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A car in which its rear bumper is only seen in a race.
Chris: Hey Mike whats up? Did you beat that 300zx last night?
Mike: Well he spun wheels all the way to the next light..
Chris: And?
Mike: I lost..
Chris: So your telling me your integra lost to a 300zx that did a burnout all the way to the next light?
Mike: Shut up man its rear wheel drive and I didn't have enough downforce.
by Chris March 23, 2005
To be excessively drunk
I went out last night and got tanked
by Chris November 18, 2002
Three strikes in a row in a game of bowling (offcial name).
David just got a Turkey!
by Chris March 26, 2003
An adult, male or female, with a sexual and/or psychological attraction to young male children.
I thought Jon always hanging out with kids was kind of strange, then he confided in me that is a boylover.
by Chris September 21, 2003
A term for ghetto house or booty music that's popular in the Chicago area.
girl there's a competition at the rink this weekend in Richton Park with lotsa juke music
by Chris May 22, 2004
H-Vegas ... Hillsborough, NC. Small ass town with the most rednecks ever. Top hangout is Bojangles, though they are very proud of their new Wal-Mart. Very big on Green Monster, Moonshine, and keg stands! The girls are hot, the trucks are huge! I'm goin back...
I bonged eight beers that night in H-Vegas.
by Chris February 24, 2005
a term of dirty south origin, bleeding the block is when you have sold all the drugs, gotten all the money, and done all there is to do for the night.
"Yo, I bled that block last night"
by Chris February 21, 2003

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