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A bastardization of "My Two Bits"

The phrase to give ones opinion was orininally 'My Two Bits'... but has been incorrectly proliferated as 'My Two Cents.'
Person 1: "Thats is just my two cents"

Person 2: "You mean, 'My Two Bits' you moron... by misquoting the phrase, you illustrate just how stupid your opinion is anyways."
by Chris July 22, 2006
A man or woman, of any color, sexuality, religion, or background, who is morally opposed to senseless hate. A person who believes strongly that all people are equal, and is willing to stand up for that belief.
Hey, are you an anti-racist? No? Uh-oh, I guess I better punch your nose!
by Chris December 07, 2003
Landable fly/float glitch
Glitch that can be done in thps games to float infinitly and do tons of tricks.
That stupid n00b is using an LFG to rack up points...ban him.
by chris March 17, 2003
it means to steal
to stealing
by chris June 13, 2004
to steal something that you dont own
if i could id krill everything
by chris June 11, 2004
Your head, or dome
I'll take a ringer to the dinger, thank you very much.
by Chris January 27, 2004
(ok why would Xmen be slang and who cares if it is)
A show that is on ABC Family that comes on the air it was on the air in the '90s and in to 2000. it also has a bunch of movies that little kids see
Luc: you want to see X-Men
Me: No there movies suck
Luc: FIne i'm going to talk to a 14 year old girl from Canada
Me: you sick basturd
by Chris February 15, 2005

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