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A hovering of a smell (fart maybe) through the air.
How dare you waft your fart in my direction!
by ZIGZAG420 March 06, 2004
Waft = weed/hash

A waft = a tasty spliff, preferably rolled backwards using high quality weed and skins.

Wafted = stoned
Story. Do you have any waft?

Yeah got some nice shit

Let us roll you a waft

Go for it

Nice one
by radballion October 08, 2010
The rancid smell emitted from between a woman's legs that makes the other start to say, "WHAT THE F***." But instead lose their lunch halfway into it.
Matt pulled down Cindy's pants and the waft from her dusty old cakes jumped out and b****slapped him in the face.
by jonjon69 August 22, 2011
A term that can be used in many contexts to express indifference, disbelief, disregard or to to discredit what was previously said.

Note: This versatile word can NEVER be over used. Its survival through the ages is akin to that of a beaver or a red squirrel.
It also evolves constantly.
P: "Where did you go on holiday?"
S: "The Maldives with Megan Fox"
P: "ha, WAFT!"

C: "That lecturer doesn't have a clue."
E: "I know like. What a load of waft!"

After watching a pretentious movie: "Never experienced such waft in my life!"

"My essay was just a load of waft but i sounded good."
Or "I was wafting on in that essay, didn't know anything about the economic state of Galway!"
by mcyo2010 July 25, 2011
What a Fucking Twat.
Person 1: Hi Mark, do you have the accounts?
Mark: I do yeah.
Person 1: ok... can i get them please.
Mark: No i am busy (hangs up phone)

Later talking to colegues:
Person 1: Mark is a Waft.
by Dom Bower March 14, 2011
waft to make a sentence sarcastic, usually used by scottish teenagers to poke fun at others.
Tom you are amazing at singing, waft.
by smellycatinnitmate December 23, 2009
Abbreviation for what a fucking tease
Text 1 - "Did you see Monica in her new bikini at the party, bro?"

Text 2 - "Yeah, WAFT"
by 7UP December 30, 2013
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