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728 definitions by Chris

When you are raped by a gang of angry pandas.
John was never really the same after he got the panda express.
by Chris September 14, 2008
174 60
In English and commonwealth countries this means to be "somewhat hungry"
"I am a hua of a peckish" means that you are very hungry
by Chris November 19, 2004
141 30
To be of poor quality.
Did you see that girl that Aaron hooked up with, damn she was budget.
by Chris November 18, 2002
162 52
Flip'ed out version of spaghetti, with flip ingredients, such as: jufran sauce (pronounced as joop-ran), hot dog slices (hot dogs made with mechanically separated beef, pork, and chicken heheh),oh and the secret ingredient,Catsup- not ketchup. Has to be generic.
example already stated in definition....what more do you want. there's no particular name either, call it what you want it's still gonna be flip spaghetti.
by chris December 16, 2003
170 62
A .45 caliber handgun or pistol, usualy used in urban slang such as rap.
Common to words such as tre deuce being a .32, deuce deuce being a .22.
"Looked up and I seen Swift shootin it out
But I can't see who he's shootin it out with
But Denaun's right behind him squeezin his four fifth"

-Eminem (one shot 2 shot)
by chris November 15, 2004
144 37
This means when a whole bunch of musicians get together play some chords for about a minute saying random lyrics and then go on playing for 19 more minutes.
Phish has super long jam sessions.

Dude Bill and I had a 35 minute jam session last night.
by Chris February 07, 2005
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One who hates the way niggers walk, talk, and smell
Jack: I am a niggerhater
Sally: So you hate the way niggers walk talk and smell?
by Chris February 07, 2005
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