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In modern day United States, Roshambo or Rochambeau is when two or more guys kick, punch, squeeze, or knee each other in the groin to win something (an object, money, bets, etc..) untill one of them gives up or falls down. The last one standing wins. This is a modern American twist on the game.

It is also a very old word of Egyptian origin for the child game "Paper, Sissors, Rock".

In the TV series South Park, Cartman and his friends play the game "I'll Rochambeau you for it", by kicking the opponent in the crotch. The first one to fall over loses the game. This of course means the first person to go is usually the winner. This is a way of choosing, and it's called Rochambeau.
"How about we all throw some money into a pile and see who can win it... ROSHAMBO STYLE!"
by Chris November 05, 2004
Able to be done - Possible or Attainable.
"Don't see why not"
by chris May 29, 2004
A disturbed Asian woman who is in a tub, sticks her ass in the air, and splunges anal fluids out of her ass and into her mouth. A sickening website www.tubgirl.com but lots of fun to send to people.
Pranker: Hey, go to www.tubgirl.com
Random person: mkay
Pranker: haha, PWN3D
by Chris April 05, 2005
One who starts trouble.
Don't invite that kid to a party, he's a real rable rouser.
by Chris March 15, 2005
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
The person Christians view as savior.

A kickass hardcore band formely known as burn the priest
The lamb of god is the best
by chris February 19, 2005
The most toughest, finest, well respected, most feared ass kicking, never ever been defeated group of fine men and women in the world. We can destroy you in the Air, on land and in the sea! The Army can screw up my wet dream, the Navy gives us a ride and the air force is just sort of there.
When it absolutely must be destroyed over night, or the fate of the American way of life depends on it being destroyed, call in the real men...the Marines.
by Chris January 03, 2005
a language used in clockwork orange consisting of english, russian, and slang
synthemesc is nadsat for synthetic mescaline
by chris April 03, 2005

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