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An interjection used to delineate discontent towards a preposterous statement.
Bob: "San Andreas is the worst game ever"
Steve: "UGH!"
by Chris January 03, 2005
This means when a whole bunch of musicians get together play some chords for about a minute saying random lyrics and then go on playing for 19 more minutes.
Phish has super long jam sessions.

Dude Bill and I had a 35 minute jam session last night.
by Chris February 07, 2005
To be of poor quality.
Did you see that girl that Aaron hooked up with, damn she was budget.
by Chris November 18, 2002
Flip'ed out version of spaghetti, with flip ingredients, such as: jufran sauce (pronounced as joop-ran), hot dog slices (hot dogs made with mechanically separated beef, pork, and chicken heheh),oh and the secret ingredient,Catsup- not ketchup. Has to be generic.
example already stated in definition....what more do you want. there's no particular name either, call it what you want it's still gonna be flip spaghetti.
by chris December 16, 2003
An even coarser variation of the already popular troubled youth phrase "Shut up!"
"Excuse me, sir, but I missed the trolley. Could you be so kind as to take me to the town square in your horseless carriage?" "Shaddup!"
by Chris December 21, 2003
Well-built American car that lasts a long time.
Yea, old people drive slow and own buicks, but i own a '76 buick century and im 17 and i drive fast and my steel body will crush your fiberglass shit.
by Chris November 09, 2004
When someone pinches your nipple and painfully twists them untill they bleed or bruse.
The other day I had two friends over. As one held me down the othe gave me a titty twister and part of my nipple fell off. (This is a true story)
by Chris December 28, 2003
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