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Trolling. Usually after having been called out for being a troll.
Completely lying livejournal entry: My cat is dying of leukemia and I can't pay for it! Send money!
Many cat-lovers: *actually send money*
Investigative cat-lover: Wait, you don't even have a cat! This was all a scam!
Original LJ poster: It was a social experiment to find out how many people would respond!
by jul_torres February 12, 2011
An excuse to troll people and/or act like a retard in public.
Did you hear about how a bunch of normal girls ran around asking random dudes if they wanted to bang? They called it a 'social experiment'. Bullshit, they're just trolling.
by Dedan8946 April 04, 2014
Once, ages and ages ago, when a useless samaritan wanted to piss on people for fun, they would be called "fuckheads," or "assfaces." These fuckboys decided that they needed an excuse to be complete dicks to the world, and thus, they adopted the term "social experiment" for their own.

Before the fuckboys came into power, a social experiment was done by a man of science, who wished to learn about the world around them, and they did so with the consent and agreement of all involved.

Not to be confused with a prank, a practical joke in which all parties involved can laugh about it afterwards, a social experiment has come to mean a cruel troll in which a fuckboy does something unimaginably stupid and rude and dismisses it as a practical joke.

Fuckboy Frank: *Shoots a dog*
Sane Samantha: Dude what the fuck
Fuckboy Frank: Chill brah its a social experiment. See theres the camera. Come on it's just a joke.
by thelemonwarrior March 09, 2016
A reference to Sam Pepper. An excuse to do immoral things to others such as sexually harass strangers in public, whilst pretending you have a noble, investigative reason for doing do.
Police: You are under arrest for stabbing four people and filming it.
Prankster: You don't understand. It was a social experiment. I was trying raise awareness for victims of knife attacks.
by pikalolz March 11, 2016
Synonym for prank that assholes use to deflect any responsibility.
Very rarely used to describe actual experiments.
Asshole: *shoots dog*
Dog Owner: Dude what the fuck
Asshole: Don't worry dude it's just a social experiment.
by Gamer Eevee May 29, 2016
Having sex with a girl that you normally wouldn't. This happens as a result of either massive amounts of alcohol or because you haven't been laid in a long, long time.
Mark - "Dude, so what happened last night?"

Casey - "I porked some rhino I met at the bar, I can't believe I did that..."

Mark - "It's alright, we'll call it a 'social experiment'. Everyone gets one."

Casey- "I think I'm going to puke."
by Mark O September 25, 2007
another name for "prank" It just makes it sound better. All it is good for is making the people who are caught up in them feel like idiots.
Prankster: hey guys, I'm back with a new social experiment. Today we will be doing a murduring people on the street social expiriment!!!
by MashedPotat0 June 02, 2016
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