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Trolling. Usually after having been called out for being a troll.
Completely lying livejournal entry: My cat is dying of leukemia and I can't pay for it! Send money!
Many cat-lovers: *actually send money*
Investigative cat-lover: Wait, you don't even have a cat! This was all a scam!
Original LJ poster: It was a social experiment to find out how many people would respond!
by jul_torres February 12, 2011
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An excuse to troll people and/or act like a retard in public.
Did you hear about how a bunch of normal girls ran around asking random dudes if they wanted to bang? They called it a 'social experiment'. Bullshit, they're just trolling.
by Dedan8946 April 04, 2014
Having sex with a girl that you normally wouldn't. This happens as a result of either massive amounts of alcohol or because you haven't been laid in a long, long time.
Mark - "Dude, so what happened last night?"

Casey - "I porked some rhino I met at the bar, I can't believe I did that..."

Mark - "It's alright, we'll call it a 'social experiment'. Everyone gets one."

Casey- "I think I'm going to puke."
by Mark O September 25, 2007

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