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84 definitions by Billy

1. a woman who likes taking it analy.
2. a hoe that likes it in the ass
Damn, look at that ass she must be a Rumpsta hoe
by Billy March 07, 2005
Complete and utter astonishment. Can also be extended as "zamfir".
Timmy: Dude, Janet and Carrie are here.
Billy: ZAMF!
by Billy December 02, 2004
The act of Rubbing ones hard penis against another man while in public. Usually occurs in subways
That guy just performed a furtage.
by Billy March 18, 2005
A pathetic waste of English taxpayers money.
Your English so you cant have your own parliament, but you can spend £400,000,000 on a spanking new one for the Scots.
by Billy November 05, 2004
jerking off, masterbation
im gonna go stoke the salami
by Billy November 23, 2002
See: Nigger.
Redneck's saying of "nigger".
I'ma hang some o' dem damn nagars!
by Billy March 12, 2005
used in aquateen hunger force.It shows that something is important and useful. often used when some one is happy!
nick is the shiznight for watching ATHF. fo real
by billy January 25, 2005