81 definitions by Billy

A pathetic waste of English taxpayers money.
Your English so you cant have your own parliament, but you can spend £400,000,000 on a spanking new one for the Scots.
by Billy November 05, 2004
jerking off, masterbation
im gonna go stoke the salami
by Billy November 23, 2002
The act of Rubbing ones hard penis against another man while in public. Usually occurs in subways
That guy just performed a furtage.
by Billy March 18, 2005
used in aquateen hunger force.It shows that something is important and useful. often used when some one is happy!
nick is the shiznight for watching ATHF. fo real
by billy January 25, 2005
a nother word for kick ass sweetness.

or another word for ridiculously freaking awesome.
Dude! that was so shamtanical.
by billy September 19, 2004
ice cream with a donut on top
I ate a dirt sunday at the place.
by Billy March 19, 2005
Of Boston Origins

Any possible adjective, usually replaces "very"
This clam chowdah is WICKED good.
by Billy November 10, 2004

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