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A definition from the North-East of England, descibing a small in stature, plump, scottish middle to old age men. Normally economic immigrant into the North East England.
A Wibbly wobbley is a scottish Umpa Lumpa without the purple face
by Billy June 19, 2006
short for angst artist(s)
Linkin Park is Angsta. OMG I hate the world
by Billy November 05, 2004
a person deservedly viewed as a fool, even if they are normal.
another stunt like that and hes hawklore
by billy October 22, 2004
A second Fighter or Bomber aircraft in a flight of two.
As myself and my Wingman rolled onto the target we Unloaded are Mark 84s bombs on the small Caves and bands of Ragheads.
by Billy November 27, 2003
The word Stroad orginates from the last name of Stroud, it is a word that is mixed with choad and stroad. also stroudem is the word stroud and scrodem mixed
Hey doctor dont tought my stroudem
Shut up Strouse u stupid Stroad
by billy November 16, 2004
Someone who has just been fucked or has sexual contact with a female or male person whos nick name is known as "shaq" or "shack"
"u have just been offically shaq wacked"
by billy March 08, 2005
Y'all got it ALL wrong. It's Fuckin Underage Bitches.
Damn man, did you see all them FUBs at that CSC party on Fourth?
by Billy February 15, 2005

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