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1)when you empty out all the tobacco from a cigarette and fill it up with weed because you can't roll a good blunt (filter still intact)
2)stuffing weed into a cigarette with some tobacco still inside (filter still intact)
Applies to both definition:
Person1: Why do you have all those cigs?
Person2: Because everytime I roll a blunt all my shit falls out, thats why I have to make cigaweed.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 23, 2005
A cigarette emptied out, and stuffed with weed.

Best way to make a cigarette is pack it with a pencil and pull out the filter and make one out of cardboard in the shape of a small circle and put it where filter used to be.

Safest way to smoke weed in public.
P1:"Wish i could catch a buzz right about now but we in the city."
p2:" no worry, i got 2 cigaweeds"
by Swagger. August 04, 2006
A cigarrette filled with weed.
If your by yourself, and you've had a bad day. Smoke a cigaweed and everything will be ok.
by Michael ;) December 01, 2003
When you roll half of a cigarette mixed with weed. The first half is mostly weed with some tobacco, the latter half being just tobacco. This is convienent because you can smoke in public, by the time anyone confronts you, you'll just be smoking tobacco.

Good way to keep oneself stoned all day long too.
Damn, I need my fix. I think I'll go to the bathroom and roll myself a cigaweed, then smoke it outside the school building.
by ACF1 August 11, 2006
Weed mixed in with a cigarette Or weed mixed in with loose tobacco and rolled with a cigarette roller.
Erik: Hey, got any rolling pappers?
James: No man, But i have a cig tube, lets make a CigaWeed!
by zime666 October 25, 2008
when you have neither papers or a smoking device and you take a cigarette, empty out its contents while keeping the paper and filter unharmed. you then proceed to pack it with marijuana. followed after by twisting the end and smoking as if a normal cigarette
Amanda - i really wish we had a bowl right now
me- pack a cig with dope
together - CIG-A-WEED
by russianboy021 April 11, 2010
A combination of the marijuana and the tobacco plant, most commonly rolled in cigarette fashion.
Ashley: Yo' Mista P, you gots some cigaweed?
Mista' P: I don't smoke no cigaweed, nigga.
by J. David Bennett January 26, 2008
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