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The illegal practice of secretly watching old people kissing and cuddling.
Alex! have you been Old Dogging outside that retirement home again!
by Billy November 04, 2004
An Erection so intense and is lethal approximatley 75% of the time. Although rare, Elkrantz requires medical attention. Possible casue of elkrantz is seeing boobies.
After seeing the bodacious TA-TAS, Melvin felt the onset of an elkrantz, so immediatley called his doctor.
by Billy March 22, 2005
Rumpsta hoe
1) a woman that has a fetish for anal sex.
2) a woman who perfers anal sex over anything.
Damn that rumpsta hoe took it up the ass. i hit it all night
by billy March 10, 2005
General sentiment when a group of men realize that they are the pinnacle of the male species. Frequently heard at strip clubs, bars, or anywhere that domestic light beer is available.
Dude, let's get lap dances! WE ARE THE BOYZ!!!
by Billy February 16, 2005
1. Cross between a jerk and a hippo
2. A fat person who jerks off. Alot.
Timmy is such a jerkoppotimus.
by Billy February 01, 2005
Any passenger vehicle that uses large amounts of fuel to get from one place to another. SUVs, Hummers, large pickups.
Dan: Check out my new Explorer! Pretty sweet, huh?
Billy: Dude, I can't belive you're driving a nature raper.
Dan: Oh, that mother nature, the slut, she was asking for it. You've seen the way she's been dressing.
by Billy July 15, 2005
Conservative dumbass.
Did threnx seriously just say gay babies should be drowned at birth?
by Billy April 05, 2005

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