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84 definitions by Billy

a nother word for kick ass sweetness.

or another word for ridiculously freaking awesome.
Dude! that was so shamtanical.
by billy September 19, 2004
ice cream with a donut on top
I ate a dirt sunday at the place.
by Billy March 19, 2005
The abreviation for Lake Hiawatha. It is the ghettoist part of Parsippany. Lots and lots of thugs live in The LH. You have to watch your back or you'll get shot.
Watch out, im from the streets of The LH
by billy February 04, 2005
Of Boston Origins

Any possible adjective, usually replaces "very"
This clam chowdah is WICKED good.
by Billy November 10, 2004
A superb young footballing talent - the next ronaldo?
"God what a goal lanealdo has just scored! He really is the next Ronaldo!"
by Billy March 15, 2005
adj. a derogatory reference to an object stated by someone that is so angry that his/her words run together forming an amalgamation of incoherent pscyhobabble which ultimately results in him/her being laughed at by his/her friends only making their anger more palpible.
"J what the hell is wrong with you you stupid...dingleberry..sackassed son of a bitch!"
by billy March 01, 2005
A definition from the North-East of England, descibing a small in stature, plump, scottish middle to old age men. Normally economic immigrant into the North East England.
A Wibbly wobbley is a scottish Umpa Lumpa without the purple face
by Billy June 19, 2006