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nickname for a man's penis
I can't mess with a guy who has a small salami!
by SugarMami July 07, 2005
A condition in which a man's scrotum sac, when wearing boxers in a seasonably hot summer day, adheres to his thighs. Salamis are particularly uncomfortable, and often require a man to "adjust."
Because it was a hot summer day, his sweating balls stuck to his legs, leaving him with a salami.
by The Plaid Octopus October 23, 2004
A very special meat. Also considered as a large wang that hunks, good bodies, hot boy girls would die for, have and girls would do anything to get on this "salami"
Did you see Tommy today!? I want his salami.
by urbandictwriter January 26, 2011
Gorgeous hunk of man, who can be used for amazing things of any kind, and is also a very delectable snack
Dayumm Salami you looking fine today!
by personwhowritesstuff January 26, 2011
common nickname for boeing 777 aircraft used by airlines workers due to its long and narrow body
loko i have to clean a freaking salami by myself
by pavlo July 03, 2008
Gossip which is not derogatory, more informative and entertaining.
How was the party last night? Any salami?
by Slammer May 12, 2004
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