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A sexual act where one person deficates into another person's anus, then the reciever then deficates into the original peron's mouth and then eats it.
I want you to give me a double dunk!
by Billy March 07, 2005
look at this, it's funny as hell but it's true- savepeter.blogspot.com
go to the site fellow
by billy March 26, 2005
A beautiful country in the South Pacific next to Australia. There are some Australians who think NZ is a load of shit and lay lots of crap on NZ becasue they don't know what it's really like. I hope all Aussies aren't like that, as in all honesty NZ is pretty damn good.
Aussie: "NZ sucks"
2nd Aussie: "Oath!"
1st Aussie: "No there's lots of Aussies who think NZ sucks big time."
by Billy March 19, 2005
A term used to indentify individuals who pretend they are aboriginal in order to get tax-free cigarettes, gasoline and, better access to government grants for art and cultural projects.
Ojibwee my ass. He's a fauxhawk with a lame script.
by Billy April 24, 2005
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