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Term for a young male of black and latin heritage - popularized by the thug homosexual community.
I realized why my ass was sore when I remembered I went home with a blatino last night.
by Benutty March 08, 2008
Term for a person who appears to physically have no neck because his/her head is attached directly to the shoulders.
Little Jimmy will develop into an eternally single and gay no-neck because his burly father bopped him on the head as a child each day.
by Benutty March 08, 2008
Text messaging with one hand, wiping your ass with the other.
Kyle's phone broke because he accidentally wiped his ass with the same hand he was still toilet texting with. (PSA: Don't text while shitting!)
by Benutty March 05, 2008
To be said when claiming something is true, but clearly is not.
Suriously, Suri is Tom and Katie's child!
by Benutty March 08, 2008
Closeted homosexual male in a college fraternity.
I'd have sex with Kris but a toga gay rarely has something substantial to say.
by Benutty March 05, 2008
Term for a homosexual male in the blue collar industry. Although a rare breed, they tend to crop up in suburbia where the trendiest job is working shirtless under the sun organizing tiles on a track-home roof.
Will was fired yesterday because his boss discovered most of his day was spent watching the construction gay washing the windows of the building across the street.
by Benutty March 08, 2008
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