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1. An abbreviation for "black & Latino" used most commonly by young urban gay men of color; 2. A person, place,or thing that is Afro-Latino.
Yo, there was some hot blatino papis at the club last night!
by platanoluva July 25, 2003
Term for a young male of black and latin heritage - popularized by the thug homosexual community.
I realized why my ass was sore when I remembered I went home with a blatino last night.
by Benutty March 08, 2008
A sexy ass black/latino papi
nicca is a mix with latino
by ladymay August 03, 2003
A person who is half black/African and half latino. Can be Peruvian, Guatemalan, etc. Does not only refer to Mexicans though Mexicans are included. If the person is male he is called a blatino, and blatina is if the person is female.
Person A: What ethnicity is that guy?

Person B: Oh he's blatino.

Person A: Black and latino ?

Person B: Yeah.
by theblatina October 23, 2014
This term is used to describe individuals who appear, upon visual inspection, to be African-American but, upon hearing their accent or learning their name, are discovered to be from a Latin American country.
"Hey, who's that black dude playing shortstop for the White Sox?"
"That's Alexei Ramirez, dumbass, and he's a blatino."
by s beskow March 09, 2010
1. A black man who grew up around latinos and as a result acts and speaks like a Latino man. But if your a black man and raised in a Latino Society you do have the right to act like this.

2. A black man who wants to be latino but does not have any Latino resemblence. If you are a black man and raised in a society without Latinos you do not have the right to act like this.

Opposite of Ligger which is a latino man who acts black.
1. Sean: "DeAndre was born and raised in Mexico and speaks Spanish." "So he is a Blatino man."

2. John: "Look at Dequan trying to speak spanish to the whole store"

George: "The closest that he'll ever get to latino is a blatino."
by blatinos and liggers September 04, 2009
a. A mixed breed of what is generally considered the human race, though debated in some circles, consisting of blacks and those of latino decent.

b. A latino who is consistently blathering
a. When Shaniqua and Jose had their child, the blatino was barely distinguishable as human.

b. Sofia is such an annoying blatino, she never shuts up about useless nonsense!
by JoseSophia July 18, 2008
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