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The world's largest paint party! A rave-like dance with neon paint, loud techno music, flashing lights, and usually a lot of college kids on drugs and alcohol. Attendants wear white and prepare to be blasted with neon paint, dance like an idiot for 5 hours, and probably be groped by someone rollin hard.
guido1: SO pumped for dayglow this weekend! you?!

guido2: yeee ked the only thing is last time i rolled so hard i was depressed for 2 weeks. woof woof

guido1: still i'm gonna take molly and fist pump bump and grind the night away like there's no tomorrow. so worth it.
by eillomz May 12, 2011
The World's Largest Paint party. Pretty much a huge event holding 2,000-10,000 people all rolling on ecstasy, getting naked and touching each other while covered in paint and listening to the best house music in the world. See also: Best thing ever.
College Student 1: You did you go to Dayglow last night?
College Student 2: Hell yeah, i rolled face, made out with 10 girls, and saw tits for 4 hours straight! it was awesome!
by Dayglowfan22 May 24, 2011
epic raging paint rave where people roll FACEE
"Yo did you hear about Dayglow at Umass?"
"Yeah, man they were COVERED in neon paint! Crazy kids doing drugs!
by carofineeeeeee June 06, 2011
A pseudo-"rave" party at which bros fist pump, get their genitals rubbed upon by underage girls, all the while having paint sprayed on their half-naked bodies.

Now called "Life In Color."
Bro #1: Yo, I heard Dayglow is coming to our city next week, let's go!

Bro #2: Yeah dawg, I'll pick up some molly so we can feed it to some underage girls covered in paint. Then they'll grind on our dicks all night.
by smiggyballs December 03, 2012
Clothing that glows during the day because the colors are so bright.
Beyonce was able to find her way back through the densely wooded forest at noon due to her dayglow.
by Benutty March 06, 2008
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