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627 definitions by Andy

Spy-chip - possibly the scariest technology coming into use right now. They're tiny chips, some as small as a third of a millimetre, which can be hidden inside objects, packaging and even people, and which give a unique identity symbol if triggered by a scanner. In other words, every banknote, shoe or pair of jeans might have a unique ID allowing anyone with a scanner to track it - the government could find out your whereabouts and where you bought your clothes, criminals could scan you to find out how much money you were carrying and ID cards, passports etc could contain chips which could be scanned from a distance.

Currently being introduced by WalMart in products and packaging, with 100 other companies interested. Euro banknotes might contain the chips. A version which can be injected in humans, the VeriChip, is now being tested, and several US states including New York are discussing forcibly injecting the chips in homeless people.
It stands for Radio Frequency ID.
by Andy May 07, 2004
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A prehistoric, and homosexual, reptile, which (for obvious reasons) is now exstinct. (is believed to have been a meat eater)
Barney is one hell of a fagasaurus
by andy May 28, 2004
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pussy; female genitalia
"Andy get's all the COOTCH he wants."
by andy April 08, 2003
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When you see a person and your heart starts to race, you become nervous and if your a shy person you try and avoid them. When your not with them you always think about them, ive had a crush on someone for ages and it drove me crazy, the best thing to do is tell them how you feel and if it ends up they dont feel the same way you can get over it and stop going crazy over them. Whatever you do dont get someone to ask for you, i asked her brother and he lied to me and said she loved me but he lied and when i finally confunted her it broke my heart, yeh thanks for that. Love is a very strong emotion mostly overused and sometimes doesnt apply with crushes when you are only physically attracted to someone and you just think they are hot
example 1:
Person 1: God that new girl in school is fit i got a really big crush on her
Person 2: cool man

example 2
Person 1: i think im inlove with _ _ _ _, shes got such a great personality and shes so good lookin
Person 2: you should ask her out
by Andy March 28, 2006
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Hunting for trolls.

Trollers hang around under bridges with troll guns at night (since trolls turn to stone in daylight), in the hope of bagging a troll head as a trophy.

As a VERY endangered (i.e. nonexistent) species, trolls are protected by law, and trolling is therefore illegal.
The police arrested two hobbits yesterday on charges of trolling.
by Andy June 27, 2004
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1.If it's not meant to be ridden, you ride it

2.if it's meant to be ridden, you ride it in a way it's not meant to be ridden

3.find another way to ride something
1.extreme shopping carting=you ride in a shopping cart

2.extreme biking=riding your bike down the side of a mountain, not the street

3.extreme sledding=taping a lawn chair to a sled, and riding it
by Andy June 10, 2004
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Location: Southern California.
Label: Drive Thru Records
Music/Style: Strong political and social messages through intese lyrics. Has evolved from strong ska roots into completely indescribable style. Definately not an emo band.
The Rx Bandits are the most amazing live band I have ever seen.
by Andy April 20, 2004
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