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Another word for bitch but without the "t"
much more simple to spell and more difficult to figure out. Very fun to use
Don't be such a chib whore.
You smell like a chib's vagina.
Daaaam loook at all the chibs up in hurrr.
by Andy May 31, 2004
When someone takes the worst case scenario and a negative outlook on life.
Wendy was carrying on with some fuct up shit thew other night. she was dippin hard.
by Andy April 23, 2005
A really gay boy. A slang term for a gay boy or game boy who acts really gay.
That gay boy advance won't stop listening to Britney Spears and looking at guys.
by Andy March 21, 2005
Suprising or exciting, also expressing embarassment to others.
"I heard Jimmy has no parents"

some other person: "Unce"
by andy July 27, 2003
someone who employes excessive use of the word 'blick' and 'nayger' and listens to 'beatz' in an attempt to mix with his 'home boyz'.
needs to buy a mirror.
Yo nayger Russo, why u gotta waste my flavor boy?
by Andy March 05, 2005
From ages 5-25 they can only make conversation with people ages +40 (aside from their own sibilings).

Females from ages 5 to their death, wears a combination of the following: Flowery table cloth like vest, long sleeved button up shirts, 9 inch zipper back-pocketless jeans (Generally a 3 inch gap between the bottom of the jeans & the top of their boots), long baggy jean-skirts with a ruffle around the bottom.

Males wear either a tucked-in all the way buttoned polo shirt or a tucked-in t-shirt with a german shepherd on it. Also wears annoyingly tight jeans or khaki dockers (all of which are tucked into their socks).
You will know within 10-seconds of an encounter with any random person if they are a homeschooler.
by Andy December 06, 2005
An expensive university in Atlanta. No freedom of speech in this place. One wrong word and your already standing in front of the honor council. Totally infested with liberals.
That guy never says his opinion, always agrees with everybody else, probably went to Emory.
by Andy April 06, 2005

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