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Having the nerve to do something.
"I just wanted to see if she had the minerals..."
by Andy February 05, 2004
This is an agressive sexual technique in which, after ejaculating in a girl's mouth, one karate chops her in the throat so that the ejaculatory fluids seep from the nose in a white stream, simulating the tusks of a walrus. The cough/gag-like sound that she will make also closely resembles the bark of the walrus.
Our relationship ended when I gave her "the Walrus".
by andy December 02, 2004
huh huh.

homo erectus is a predecessor of modern humans. Members of this species had tools made of hard wood. They stored them inside orifices. And they spent most of their time impaling things with their long rods.

They used to grunt a lot, especially while impaling things. They drew graffiti on cave walls showing them trying to mount and stick their poles in horses and other animals.
homo erectus is a very cool name for cavemen (and women?).
by Andy April 27, 2004
Twat tartan for twats. Items of clothing such as caps that chavs must wear at a forty degree angle to their heads. Can be reffered to as "chavberry".
"Don't touch my burberry peak fucker, otherwise i will throw bottle-caps at you"
"I am hard because i am wearing a fake pair of burberry socks"
by Andy June 01, 2004
When you see a person and your heart starts to race, you become nervous and if your a shy person you try and avoid them. When your not with them you always think about them, ive had a crush on someone for ages and it drove me crazy, the best thing to do is tell them how you feel and if it ends up they dont feel the same way you can get over it and stop going crazy over them. Whatever you do dont get someone to ask for you, i asked her brother and he lied to me and said she loved me but he lied and when i finally confunted her it broke my heart, yeh thanks for that. Love is a very strong emotion mostly overused and sometimes doesnt apply with crushes when you are only physically attracted to someone and you just think they are hot
example 1:
Person 1: God that new girl in school is fit i got a really big crush on her
Person 2: cool man

example 2
Person 1: i think im inlove with _ _ _ _, shes got such a great personality and shes so good lookin
Person 2: you should ask her out
by Andy March 28, 2006
Location : Central America (between Costarica and Guatemala)
Capital : Managua
Population : Not sure.

I lived in Nicaragua for an year, there are not so many place for tourists, however Monteli Mar, the biggest resort in west coast, is the best place where I've been.
People are very kind and very honest.
Not so dangerous walking on the street during the time in midnight.
Volcano and lakes are beutiful.
You should stop by Nicaragua when you trip to central america.
by Andy December 01, 2003
A prehistoric, and homosexual, reptile, which (for obvious reasons) is now exstinct. (is believed to have been a meat eater)
Barney is one hell of a fagasaurus
by andy May 28, 2004
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